12 – Sargent County Trail

(Richland and Sargent Counties)

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SargentCountySnow Conditions:
Updated:  December  9, 2021
Amount of Snow:   inches
Recent Snowfall:   inches
Snow Depth:   inches
Current Weather for Milnor

Trail Condition:  Trails are currently closed and will not be open this year.


Trail A:
Trail B:

Communities: (Click Here for Accommodations)
Gwinner, Forman, Rutland, Cayuga, Geneseo, Lidgerwood, Wyndmere, Delamere and Milnor

Total Trail Miles:

88 Miles

Connecting Trails:

Southern Valley Trail Riders Trail


The Sargent County Trail offers miles of riding in the southeastern portion of the state.  Each community offers restaurants, gas stations, motels, grocery stores, and snowmobile repair shops.


Kevin Yagow


Sargent County Snowmobile Club
PO Box 58
Milnor, ND 58060