6 – Red River North Trail

(Pembina and Walsh Counties)

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RedRiverNorth_11x17Snow Conditions:
Updated:  December 13, 2019
Amount of Snow:  6 inches
Recent Snowfall:  2 inches
Snow Depth:  2-5 inches

Current Weather for Grafton

Trail Condition:    The trail system is closed until it receives more snow.

Trail CR 4:
Trail 9:
Trail CR 11:
Trail 12:
Trail 15:
Trail 17:
Trail 18:
Trail 29:
Trail 66:
Trail 81 North:
Trail 81 South:
Cavalier Trail:  Closed
Minnesota Trail:

Trail Conditions Phone Hotline:

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Communities: (Click Here for Accommodations)
Grafton, Park River, Minto, Drayton, Hoople, Oakwood, Crystal, and Warsaw

Total Trail Miles:

144.7 Miles

Connecting Trails:

Northeast Trail and Red River South Trail


The western half of the association is mainly ditch and shelter belt riding and the eastern half follows the Red River and the woods from Park River to Hoople. This trail association provides many places to stay for travelers on a snowmobile trip.  The Red River North Trail system has a lot to offer snowmobilers who are looking for fun and relaxing snowmobile trips with the variety of riding and many miles of trail.


Nick Osowski


Minto Area Joy Riders
PO Box 111
Minto, ND 58261

Valley Snow Drifters
125 Manvel Circle
Grafton, ND 58237