5 – Northeast Trail

(Cavalier, Pembina and Walsh Counties)

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Northeast_11x17Snow Conditions:
Updated:  April 1, 2019
Amount of Snow: 0 inches
Recent Snowfall: 0 inches
Snow Depth:  0 inches
Current Weather for Cavalier

Trail Condition:  Trails are now closed for the season.


Border Trail: Closed
Moonlighter Gorge Trail:
Gorge bypass Trail:
NESCA Trail :
Tatrault Woods Trail:
North Nekoma Trailblazers Trail:
South Nekoma Trailblazers Trail:
Criusers Trail:
Tri-County Trail:
Parsite Trail:
Neche: Closed for the season
Pembina: Closed for the season
Cavalier: Closed for the season

Trail Conditions Phone Hotline:

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Wales, Langdon, Nekoma, Fairdale, Adams, Milton, Osnabrock, Edinburg, Olga, Walhalla, Akra, Mountain, Neche, Bathgate, Backoo, Cavalier, and Pembina

Total Trail Miles:

423 Miles

Connecting Trails:

Lake Region and Red River North


The Northeast Trail System, known as the Pembina Gorge Trail, is located in the northeast corner of the state.  The Gorge itself is a must see natural phenomenon. This system ties into the Canadian trail at three major points and it also ties into two major Minnesota trails. This trail offers miles of riding and usually has very good snow.


John Kelly


Moonlighters Snowmobile Club
9453 104th Ave NE
Langdon, ND 58249

Nekoma Trailblazers
212 Main St
Nekoma, ND 58355

North Valley Riders
14399 Cty Rd
St. Thomas, ND 58276

Pembina Hills Trailriders
PO Box 825
Walhalla, ND 58282

Tri-County Trailriders
PO Box 55
Park River, ND 58270

Walsh Coulee Cruisers
7107 123rd Ave NE
Adams, ND 58210