8- Sakakawea Fence Stretchers Trail

(McLean and Ward Counties)

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Snow Conditions:

Updated: April 1, 2021
Amount of Snow:  2-4 inches
Recent Snowfall:  0 inches
Snow Depth:  0 inches

Current Weather for Garrison

Trail Condition:   The trail system is closed for the season.
Groomer Tracking Here


East Loop: Closed
West Loop: Closed

Communities: (Click Here for where to stay)
Garrison, Totten Trail, Max, Benedict, Douglas, Ryder, Makoti and Plaza

Total Trail Miles:
147 Miles

Connecting Trails:


Sylvin Brunsell
PO Box 421
Garrison, ND 58540

Sakakawea Fence Stretchers
Brent Schenfisch
Garrison, ND 58540