ND Laws

Age Requirements (NDCC 39-24-09.1) 

An individual under the age of ten may not operate a snowmobile unless the individual operates the snowmobile on private land. An individual ten or eleven years of age may not operate a snowmobile unless the individual operates the snowmobile on private land or the individual is in the presence of a parent or guardian pursuant to chapter 30.1-27, has completed a snowmobile safety training course as prescribed by the director of the parks and recreation department pursuant to chapter 28-32, and has received the appropriate snowmobile safety certificate issued by the director of the parks and recreation department.

Registration Requirements (NDCC 39-24-03)

Resident Riders: The registration fee for resident snowmobiles is $50. This fee includes $5 for registration and a $45 trail tax which is used for the state trail system. Register online by visiting North Dakota’s Department of Transportation (DOT) website or a local DOT office. Click here to renew a snowmobile registration!

Out-of-State Riders: If a snowmobile is exempt from registration because the snowmobile is registered in a foreign country or another state and is temporarily used in North Dakota, the owner is required to purchase an out-of-state riders permit. Permits are available for a $25/year fee. For more information on how to obtain an out-of-state riders permit please contact the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department.  Click here to purchase an Out-of-State Public Trails & Lands Access Permit!

Collector Snowmobiles: A snowmobile that is 25 years old or older. The director may issue a special permit to a person to operate in a parade, organized group outings including races, rallies, or other promotional events, and for up to ten days each year for personal transportation. The director may impose a reasonable restriction of a permittee and may revoke, amend, suspend or modify a permit for cause. The permits are free of charge. For more information on how to obtain a collectors snowmobile permit please contact the North Dakota Department of Transportation.  Click here for the collector snowmobile permit!

Liability Insurance Requirement (NDCC 39-24-09.11)
A person may not operate a snowmobile on any state snowmobile trails without liability insurance. The liability insurance insures the snowmobile owner named on the policy and any operator of that snowmobile, with permission of the owner. Upon request of a law enforcement officer, a person operating a snowmobile shall provide proof of liability insurance to that officer within 20 days.

Helmet Requirements (NDCC 39-24-09)
No person under the age of 18 years may operate, ride, or otherwise be propelled on a snowmobile unless the person wears a safety helmet meeting United States Department of Transportation standards.

Speed Limit Requirements (NDCC 39-24-09)

At a reasonable and proper rate of speed in relation to all surrounding circumstances and not exceeding the posted speed limit of the associated roadway. (NDCC 39-09-02)

Trespassing (NDCC 39-24-09)

No person shall operate a snowmobile upon private land without permission from the owner or lessee of the land. Doing so may cause loss of access to trails crossing private lands, so please respect private property to ensure the vitality of the state snowmobile trail system.

The current North Dakota Snowmobile Laws and Safety Guidelines handbook.» DOWNLOAD THE PDF