Safety Education



partner_parkrecThe mission of the North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department’s Snowmobile Education Program is to prevent snowmobile related accidents through programs that instruct North Dakotan’s in snowmobile operation and safety.

Snowmobile North Dakota partners with the Department to promote its mission; a successful snowmobile safety education program in North Dakota.

Become Certified in Snowmobile Safety

Snowmobilers ages 10 or 11 are now permitted to operate on public lands& trails provided they are under parental/guardian supervision and have completed the approved safety course and received a snowmobile safety certificate.

Snowmobilers ages 12 and older must possess a Snowmobile Safety Certification or a driver’s license to legally operate on public land, including ditches and state snowmobile trails.  Register for upcoming certification classes in your area.  To find a class in your area call 701-328-5348 or visit the Snowmobile Safety Class Calendar.

Official Snowmobile Safety Course

Test your knowledge and take Fresh Air Educators, Inc. sample snowmobile safety test:

10 Question Snowmobile Safety Practice Test

Test your snowmobile knowledge with this 10 question snowmobile safety practice test.

You need to answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly to pass! Educating Snowmobilers OnlineGet your snowmobile license online!