November 30, 2012

Snowmobile North Dakota

Board of Directors Meeting

November 30, 2012


Present Board Members:  Marty Malachowski – President, Laura Forbes – Vice-President, Sheri Hoffmann – Secretary, Byron Norsby – Director-At-Large, Troy Klevgard, Dean Forbes, Dale Deibert, Perry Brintnell, Tonia Dosch, Mark Shipley, Dan Tveito and Brad Rodin.

Absent: Brian Sauer and Greg Strommen both Excused.

Others Present: Erik Dietrich, Arik Spencer, Matt Gardner, Mark Zimmerman – NDPRD, Keri Wanner – Program Manager, Tari Norby – Administrative Assistant, Todd Thronson – Trail Inspector, Chelsey Thronson – Marketing Specialist – SND.

  1. Call to Order – President Marty Malachowski


  1. Approve Agenda
    1. Troy made motion, Dean second. Motion approved.


  1. Approve Minutes – September 22, 2012
    1. Dale made motion, Byron second. Motion approved.


  1. Financial Reports – October 2012
    1. Perry made motion, Dean second. Motion approved.


  1. Reports
    1. Program Manager:
      1. Marketing Statistics:
        1. SND Facebook: Total of 629 likes on 11/27/12, (Reach Over 204,000 in 1 week)
        2. Sno-Dak Facebook: Created 10/12/12, 120 Likes as of 11/27/12 (Reach Over 40,000)
        3. Issuu: Over 14,000 impressions (changed statistic reporting)
          1. Impression: Number of times a webpage or element on a page is viewed
        4. Website: Over 1,200 visitors and 5,600 impressions
          1. Most Viewed Pages:
            1. Trail Conditions
            2. Sno-Dak News
            3. Laws
      2. Space Aliens Fundraisers:
        1. Still no report on the ND Flood Relief Fund donation.  Rumor is Space Aliens in Minot and Grand Forks is closing.  Contacted Dustin several times since September.
      3. Pink Ribbon Riders:
        1.  Donations:  70 items collected for the event ($3,200 in product)
        2. Sponsorships:  $6,150 has been secured
        3. Lunch:  Ridge Runners hosting at Lake Metigoshe State Park
        4. Working on:  More donations and Trail Leaders, Finalizing meals & entertainment w/Twin Oaks
      4. ISMA Grant:
        1. Received a $4,000 grant to help cover the 6th snowmobile PSA (Public Service Announcement) on snowmobile registration and to assist with training costs on the RTP Land Easement grant.  $3,500 paid up front, remainder paid when receipt is provided.
      5. Saskatchewan Snow Show:
        1. Special thanks to the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SSA) for providing a 60% discount to SND for a booth at their snow show November 9-11, 2012.  This was budgeted for but I was unsure if the association would again provide the discount to SND, so attendance was unsure till October.
          1. Over 250 promotional bags handed out, over 700 visitors
          2. Gained 20 Sno-Dak News Contacts
          3. SSA interested in hosting an International Ride with SND
      6. Sno-Dak News:
        1. Sold $24,374.76 as of 11/28/12, Reached 75% of Goal ($32,500)
        2. Product Donation in Trade of Ads totals $4,000, Including this Reached 87% of Goal
        3. Providing new opportunity to clubs to promote events for $100, this includes free color and a 30% discount on a business card ad (clubs usually receive 25% discount)
        4. Regional Articles:  participation has averaged 2/issue from Oct. – Dec.
        5. Officer & Regional Articles:  Will accept through Monday, December 3rd
      7. Helmets:
        1. Wade West contacted me with Yamaha and donated 70+ helmets to the snowmobile program
      8. Monthly Task Report:
        1. Will be emailed on Monday, December 3rd
      9. Annual Meeting:
        1. If meeting starts to run long, postpone classes till later in the afternoon
    2. Trail Inspector:
      1. Not much to report yet, getting ready for classes.
    3. Administrative Assistant:
      1. Met with Choko about promotional bags.
      2. Working with constant contact.
      3. Memberships up 20 % from last year.
    4. Marketing Specialist:
      1. Last year at this time $17,000 worth of ads had been sold.  This year is at $24,000, a 30% increase.
      2. Interviewed an avalanche presenter at Moritz Marine, working on an article for Sno-Dak News.
      3. Working on product reviews for Castle, trading ads for product.
      4. Designed poster for Keep ND clean poster contest.
      5. Designed Project Ride flyer.
      6. Designed e-version of Sno-Dak News.
      7. Started club ad special in Sno-Dak News.
    5. NDPRD:
      1. Welcome Director Mark Zimmerman to the meeting.
      2. Arik Spencer- The first week in January the legislative session starts.  January 23 is Parks Day at the capital.  SND is invited to participate.  We do have one bill this session regarding the definition of a snowmobile.  Proposing to change too less than 48” and less than 1750 pounds.  OHV’s with tracks are not snowmobiles.  DOT approached NDPRD regarding taking over the licensing of snowmobiles.  If this happens, they would not be titled.  NDPRD is getting bids on online registration system.  The deadline is soon to get the bill competed.  June 18 & 19, 2013 is the date for the State Trails Conference.  Would like to see SND represented again.
      3. Erik Dietrich-If you have any more enforcement dates, please get them in ASAP.
      4. Matt Gardner-working on PSA’s and safety courses.  Planning on filming PSA’s the week before the Pink Ribbon Ride in Bottineau.  Looking for volunteer actors for the PSA’s.
      5. Mark Zimmerman-Was able to see new Tucker in Horace.  Glad to hear SND is diligent about training groomer operators as they run expensive equipment.  NDPRD feels they have a great working relationship with SND.


  1. Committee Reports
    1. Equipment Committee:
      1. 2011 grant-The 3rd Tucker was delivered in mid-November.  The 3 new machines have gone to Fargo/Horace, Rugby (+new drag), and Cavalier.  The signs are in the SND trailer to pick up this weekend.  Waiting for invoice on last Tucker to see how much is left to spend on signs.
    2. Budget:
      1. No Report
    3. Legislation, Bylaws, Enforcement, & Safety:
      1. No Report
    4. Promotion, Membership, Convention, Awards & Nominations:
      1. Project Ride & Membership Rewards Program-prizes have been donated for the clubs who retain the most members and have the most new members.
      2. Raffle Tickets-Atari has them this weekend for clubs to pick up and sell.
      3. The committee has brought forth the following nominations:  President-Laura Forbes, Vice-President-Sheri Hoffmann, Past President-Marty Malachowski, and no nomination for secretary.  It was decided that Atari can fill that role as she is required to attend the meetings anyways.  Marty wants the board to know he did not turn down the nomination for president.
    5. Employee Review Committee:
      1. Employee review manual-June 30, 2013 deadline, as that is the end of the fiscal year.
    6. Accident Safety Review Committee:
      1. no report
  2. Old Business
    1. 2013 Convention:
      1. It was discussed that the SND office staff host it in Grand Forks.  Sheri volunteered to assist.  It has not been in the eastern side to the state for a number of years and hotel rooms are difficult and expensive on the western side because of the oil.
    2. 2013-2017 Strategic Plan:
      1. The plan is complete and Fox Red will present it to the board at a future meeting.
  3. New Business
    1. Foremost Insurance:
      1. Deb Peters-DeVerney brought forth creating a partnership with SND whereas our members would receive a discount on insuring their recreational equipment with Foremost and SND would also receive promotional consideration or a percentage of sales.
    2. 2014 Convention:
      1. No interest at this time
    3. 2014 State Ride:
      1. The Northeast is interested in hosting the second weekend in February.  Tabled until annual meeting.
    4. Grant & Aid Applications:
      1. Lake Region Snowmobile Club is building a new warming shack and has requested assistance.  They were the only application.  Perry made a motion they receive the $1,231.71 available.  Laura second, motion carried.  They will provide receipts to the office.
  4. Adjournment
    1. Dean made motion to adjourn, Brad second.  Motion carried.

The next scheduled meeting is at 6pm, February 15, 2013 at the Fordville Quick Response Building.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Sheri Hoffmann

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