November 1, 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

The Snowmobile North Dakota (SND) Annual Meeting was held at the Grand Hotel in Minot, North Dakota.

Present Board Members:  Laura Forbes-President, Sheri Hoffmann-Vice President, Marty Malachowski-Director-At-Large, Byron Norsby, Dale Deibert, Luke Wilcox (Proxy for Perry Brintnell), Jesse Fritz, Mark Shipley, Shawn Cole, Todd Rasmusson and Kristie Thone.

Absent Board Members: Brian Sauer – Excused

Others Present: Erik Dietrich, Matt Gardner, Mark Zimmerman, Mike Duerre, Ben Potts – NDPRD, Keri Wanner-Executive Director, Tari Norby-Administrative Specialist, Todd Thronson-Trail Inspector – SND.

  1. Call to order – President Laura Forbes – 9:15 a.m.
    1. 30 delegates present
    2. Laura gave a quick intro about the 40th Anniversary of SND, thank all of the volunteers and staff that has made SND what it is today, and the upcoming 2015 Legislative Campaign. If anyone is interested in being on the SND Board, the secretary position is available.
  2. Approve Agenda
    1. Troy Klevgard made motion, Shawn Cole second to approve the agenda. Motion carried.
  • Approve Minutes
    1. December 7, 2013
      1. Sherman Pladsen made motion, Kevin Kubat second to approve the minutes. Motion carried.
    2. Reports
      1. NDPRD – Matt Gardner
        1. Erik Dietrich, Mark Zimmerman, Mike Duerre and Ben Potts from NDPRD are also in attendance
        2. Have been hard at working on the 2015 Legislative Campaign
  • NDPRD will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary next year
  1. There has been great relationship between NDPRD and SND
    1. Great to see all the volunteers dedicated
    2. There has been an increase in snowmobile registrations
    3. Received a grant from Tourism to help with future projects
  2. Erik Dietrich asked everyone to get snowmobile event dates to him and Tari, so he can start scheduling enforcement.
    1. If you are interested in hosting a snowmobile safety class or having the snowmobile simulator in your area please contact Tari.
    2. NDPRD is around all weekend if you have any questions.
  3. SND – Keri showed the 40th Anniversary video that was developed for SND.
    1. Financials: Keri discussed to the membership how the two reports work
      1. SND Budget-Income and Expenses come include Sno-Dak News, promotional items, memberships, awards and meetings.
      2. Corey Wanner made a motion to file the financials, second by Pat Miller. Motion carried.
    2. Membership Module: Contact Tari if you are interested.
  • Club Officer Form: due December 15th – please have this in to the SND office by then to ensure club information is correct in the Sno-Dak News.
  1. Sled’N Snap: A Canadian online photo contest
    1. ND is the first and only state that gets to participate in the program
    2. Must register your sled before uploading photos
    3. 5 different categories to submit different photos
    4. For more info please visit
  2. Foremost Insurance: They have discontinued the snowmobile program.
    1. Foremost did not sell a single policy in the state.
  3. Sno-Dak News Club Special: SND if offering all clubs a special rate of $100 for a colored business card size ads in the Sno-Dak News
  • Take a Friend Snowmobiling Contest: International Snowmobile Manufactures Association (ISMA) started this program a few years ago to encourage new riders.
    1. They award $5,000 for financial assistants to snowmobile clubs that host an event encouraging taking a friend snowmobiling between January 1st and March 31st.
    2. Last year only 3 clubs participated in the national program so odds are good.
  • We are selling ACSA cash calendars at the SND booth; for every one sold SND gets $5. This is the last year of selling the calendars.
  1. Anyone that ordered a 40th Anniversary shirt can pick them up at the SND booth. We are also taking another order if more people are interested in ordering.
  2. There is a new way online to certify yourself for Trail Signing and Trail Grubbing at the SND website.
  1. Presentations
    1. RiderX Presentation (Snow Trails App) – Ron Potter
      1. This is a downloadable app to show where to legally ride in all states for snowmobile and ATV trails.
      2. More information at booth in the vendor show.
    2. PistenBully Presentation – Paul Swanson
      1. Paul will be here all weekend and if you have any questions he will be at his booth in the vendor show all weekend.
    3. Old Business
      1. Trail Funding Program Updates
        1. Make sure to fill out the volunteer hours section on the Revenue & Expense Form
        2. On the tables was list of all the eligible and ineligible items. It is also in the SNDTP Guideline books
  • This season the 2nd and 3rd benchmark payments will be combined into one payment.
  1. People question how the point works with the certification classes.
    1. Keri explained that if your club has someone certified in the classes then you association will receive the point.
  2. A new form was created for bulk fuel purchases.
    1. The association needs to keep the original receipt and attach it to the new Bulk Fuel Form, on SND website, and keep track on the form how much fuel is used
  • New Business
    1. Trailhead Sign – There are examples on the tables and comment forms for volunteers to fill out regarding content they would like on the signs. Based on the comments SND will do research for the signs.
    2. 2015 Legislative Campaign
      1. Matt Gardner gave a legislative update regarding the 2015 Legislative Campaign. There was discussion on the removal of titling requirements and the initial inspection when registering a new snowmobile.
    3. Regional Meeting Dates – SND & NDPRD will be traveling to all the regions the third week of November to answer any questions that the volunteers have and discuss the upcoming legislative campaign.
    4. SND Raffle Tickets – If interested in selling tickets contact Tari to receive tickets
      1. $20/ticket
      2. 1,000 tickets
  • Club that sells the most receives $1,000
  1. Amazon Smile & – Fundraising opportunities
    1. Amazon Smile gives .05% of sales to nonprofits and Snowmobile North Dakota is signed up to receive proceeds. More info on this program is on SND’s website
    2. sells Market America products and donates to nonprofits and Snowmobile North Dakota is registered to receive donations.  Samples of products will be available in the booth at the vendor show.
  2. 2013 Membership Survey Results – Results from last year’s survey are on the tables
  3. 2014 SND Club Membership Survey – Survey is on tables
    1. Results will be at the annual meeting next year.
  • Announcements
    1. 6th Annual Pink Ribbon Riders ND Snow Run Event January 9th-10th, 2015 in Grafton
    2. 2015 State Ride – Southern Valley Trail Riders – February 7th, 2015 in Mooreton, ND
    3. International Ride – January 30th – 31st, 2015 in Minot, ND and Carnduff, Saskatchewan
    4. 2015 Convention – No one for the State Convention yet. Please contact the office if interested
    5. 2016 State Ride & 2016 State Convention
      1. State Ride will be held by the Sheyenne Valley Trial Association January 29th-31st, 2016
      2. State Convention has no bids. Please contact the office if interested
    6. Adjournment
      1. Joanne Seifert made motion, Corey Wanner second. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Tari Norby & Keri Wanner

Election of officers:
The Board of Directors nominated Laura Forbes for President; no names came from the floor.  Sherman Pladsen made motion nominations cease and cast unanimous ballot, Jesse Fritz second, motion carried.

The Board of Directors nominated Sheri Hoffmann for Vice-President; no names came from the floor.  Todd Rasmusson made motion nominations cease and cast unanimous ballot, Kristie Thone second, motion carried.

Committee had no nominations for secretary, no names came from the floor.  Position will be filled by Tari Norby.

The Board of Directors nominated Marty Malachowski for Director-At-Large; no names came from the floor.  Byron Norsby made motion nominations cease and cast unanimous ballot, Dale Deibert second, motion carried.

Regional Directors
Region 1:  Mark Forbes was elected to a two year term in place of Byron Norsby.  Dale Deibert has one more term with election in 2015.

Region 2:  Nick Parslow was elected to a two year term in place of Mark Shipley.  Jesse Fritz has one more term with election in 2015.

Region 3:  Reily Bata was elected to a two year term in place of Brian Sauer.  Perry Brintnell has one more term with election in 2015.

Region 4:  Shawn Cole was elected to a two year term.  Todd Rasmusson has one more term with election in 2015.

Region 5:  Kristie Thone was elected to a two year term.  Jeff Seifert took over Victor Evjen’s one year term with election in 2015.

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