March 9, 2013


Snowmobile North Dakota
Board of Directors Meeting
March 9, 2013

The Snowmobile North Dakota Board of Directors held a meeting in Century Center in Bismarck, ND on March 9, 2013 post the Strategic Planning Session.

Present Board Members:  Laura Forbes – President, Sheri Hoffmann – Vice President, Marty Malachowski – Past President, Dale Deibert, Perry Brintnell, Kristie Thone and Troy Klevgard.

Absent: Brian Sauer, Dan Tveito, Tonia Dosch, Byron Norsby & Mark Shipley – all excused and Brad Rodin – unexcused.

Others Present: Erik Dietrich & Matt Gardner – NDPRD, Keri Wanner – Executive Director, Tari Norby – Administrative Assistant, Todd Thronson – Trail Inspector – SND.

  1. Call to Order – President Laura Forbes called the meeting to order at 12:51 p.m.
  2. Approve Agenda
    1. Marty made motion to approve the agenda, Sheri second. Motion approved
  3. Approve Minutes
    1. February 15th, 2013:  Marty made motion to approve, Troy second. Motion approved
  4. Financial Reports – January 2013
    1. Keri mentioned the snowmobile registration and revenue report wasn’t included in the Board members meeting packets, since they have not been released yet.
    2. Dale made a motion to file the financial reports, Kristie second. Motion approved
  5. Reports
    1. Office Report:
  6. Marketing Statistics:
    • SND Facebook:  Total of 786 likes on 3/8/13, (Reach Over 245,374 in 1 week)
    • Sno-Dak Facebook:  Total of 364 likes as of 3/8/13 (Reach Over 122,219)
    • Issuu:  23,000 impressions
    • Website:  Over 4,100 visitors and 20,000 impressions
      1. Most Viewed Pages:
        1. Trail Conditions
        2. Events
        3. East Central Valley Trail
  • Constant Contact:  1,127 Contacts
    1. Most Viewed Emails:
      • March 2013 Sno-Dak News (25%)
      • February 2013 E-newsletter (24%)
      • 3/7/13 Trail Conditions (21%)
  1. Sno-Dak News:
    • Mailed the March issue using the same format as the February issue.  Averaging 7 days for an extra $80.
  2. Membership:  Still 5 clubs with no membership, they have been sent letters.
  3. February 2013 Budgets:  The financial reports have not been finished at this time.  Trail Program Budget expenses are at 56% of the total budget.  Still making adjustments to the SND budget from the raffle, so do not have estimated numbers at this time.
  4. Gaming:  At the September 2012 Board of Directors meeting a committee was created to research gaming.  The staff has discussed this matter and determined all the research has been completed, such as costs and rules.  The next step is to determine if there are locations willing to work with SND on gaming.  If there is, then there can be discussion.  If anyone knows of possibilities, please let the office know so the next step in research can be conducted.
  5. Anniversary Celebration:  The ND Parks and Recreation Department is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2015.  SND has been asked to provide suggestions on partnership for promotion of the anniversary.  SND will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2014.  Lastly, next year’s Pink Ribbon Riders event will be its 5th anniversary.  Suggestions on SND’s 40th Anniversary have not been provided to SND.  Here are some potential ideas SND’s staff came up with to celebrate:
    • Create a partner logo for SND and NDPRD
    • SND/NDPRD VIP Ride at State Ride (ask legislators, Governor and our partners to attend)  The Partners should include members of the RTP Committee and Land Managers so they can see the hard work put into the state snowmobile trail system.
    • Possibly use the NDPRD presentation or parts of it at this years convention
    • Create promotional products:
      1. Jersey
      2. Sled Wrap for State Sleds
      3. Jacket
      4. Helmet Accessories (Wrap, Goggle Straps, etc.)
      5. Pins
      6. Conduct a photo contest similar to Sled n’ Snap to create a 40th Anniversary Calendar
    • NDPRD:
        1. Erik Dietrich:
          1. 10 check points this season, checked over 630 sleds.
          2. 32 citations & 7 warnings
          3. Sold 150 out of state passes.
          4. People have mentioned to have enforcement out on weeknights and weekends that aren’t scheduled around events.
            1. Erik with will work with the enforcement in the local areas.
          5. Legislation:
            1. Snowmobile definition went through Senate and at the House now, reconvene next Thursday.
            2. One congressman is having an issue with the weight and in the description.
            3. NDPRD will continue working on changing the snowmobile registrations from biennial to annual for next legislative session.
          6. Erik handed out a sheet that laid out the snowmobile programs 10 year funding history with incoming revenue and program costs, for future budgeting and contract considerations.
        1. Matt Gardner:
          1. Snowmobile safety classes are done for the season.
            1. Slow year, the snow came later in the season, had to cancel 10 plus classes this season.
            2. PSA shoot went good, have a few completed and waiting on a few more to be finished editing.
            3. Will have more PSA’s done for the Snow Sneak Peek in Fargo in April.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Equipment Committee:
      1. No Report
    2. Budget Committee:
      1. No Report
    3. Regulations Committee:
      1. No Report
    4. Awards & Nominations Committee:
      1. April 1st deadline is coming up.
        1. Have only received 1 scholarship and 21 KNDC Posters.  There has been a recommendation for Hall of Fame but no application at this point.
    5. Trail Operations Committee:
      1. Laura has not received anything from Brain Sauer about what was talked about in the February 2013 meeting about a groomer operator drinking and about to get back in the groomer.
      2. Keri will add this and no firearms to the laminated sheet that is handed out in the Groomer Operator classes.
      3. Erik Dietrich will get No Smoking stickers from the DOT and they will be added to all groomers.
  7. Old Business
    1. Strategic Planning Session with Fox Red:
      1. Reminded the board to hand in the objective sheets before they leave.
      2. Board liked Fox Red’s presentation.
    2. 2013 Committees:
      1. The Accident Safety Review Committee has been changed to Trail Operation Committee.
      2. No longer have an Employee Review Committee.
        1. Keri will handle the staff’s evaluations.
        2. Keri will be reviewed by the Chair and Co-Chair of each committee. Since Todd is Chair of a committee he will choose a board member to replace him since he cannot review Keri.
      3. Laura has changed the employee review form.
    3. GPS for Groomers
      1. Todd presented the information gathered from the test units.  Todd has conducted all testing and Keri has been doing research on how other programs are using this information to make the trail program more efficient.  At this time, more research is being conducted and will be presented at the next Board meeting.
  8. New Business
    1. Trail Program Guidelines:
      1. Benchmark Penalties:
        1. Keri presented the changes that were made in the Trail Program Guidelines to the Benchmark penalties. Troy made a motion to adopt the changes, Marty seconded.  Motion Carried.
    2. Employee Handbook:
      1. The board has tabled this item so they can take a look through all the changes and approve them at the next meeting.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Tari Norby

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