February 9, 2018

Snowmobile North Dakota

Board of Directors Meeting

February 9, 2018


The Snowmobile North Dakota Board of Directors held a meeting on February 9, 2018.


Members Present: Dale Deibert, Joanne Seifert, Jerry Perkins proxy for Joel Iverson, Shawn Cole, Brent Haugen, Perry Brintnell, Jeff Seifert, Randy Knain, Reily Bata, Quince Hambek


Excused Absence: Troy Klevgard, Joel Iverson, Laura Forbes, Paula Berg, Sherman Pladson


Others Present: Todd Thronson – Executive Director, Matt Gardner – NDPRD


  1. Call to order at 7:07PM by Joanne Seifert
  2. Approve Agenda – Shawn made a motion to accept the agenda, seconded by Dale, approved by all members present
  • Approve Minutes
    1. The minutes of the December meeting were e-mailed to all board members prior to the meeting.
    2. Randy made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jeff, approved by all members present
  1. Financial Reports
    1. The financial reports were e-mailed to all board members prior to the meeting
    2. Jeff made a motion to accept the financial reports as written, seconded by Reily, approved by all members present
  2. Reports
    1. President’s Report: nothing reported
    2. Office Report:
      1. Sno-Dak news is printing now, please get articles in on time
      2. Trade shows coming up
  • Discover Magazine quarterly printing
  1. Some trail systems are open in the state and grooming
  1. NDPRD Report:
    1. State planning rep for snowmobilers in Fargo and Bismarck
    2. Ben here for enforcement if any questions tomorrow
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Equipment Committee – will meet after Board meeting
    2. Budget Committee – nothing new
    3. Regulations Committee – no updates
    4. Awards and Nominations Committee – nothing new
    5. Trails Operations Committee – planning quick meeting after this meeting to discuss signing regulations
  • Old Business
    1. Probation Systems – both the Northeast and East Central Valley are on track so far
    2. Groomer Tracking Software & Mapping Program Update – changed the background for maps to Google Earth / Google Maps – uses actual points groomer puts out when grooming – working on dashboard so don’t need to recollect groomer points – working on correlation with time cards – has been pinging less often but we want more often so need to turn that back on
    3. Tracked Vehicle Testing – March 7-10 in Bottineau – Matt, Erik, Tari, Todd, Melissa, Marc Brown (landscape architect) will set up tracks including straight away, curve, trail and will test sled, dirt bike with tracks, side-by-side, tracked OHV, etc. and do information gathering and testing on variety of conditions and speeds and variety of riders, results will follow
  • New Business
    1. 2018 SND Convention – Magic City Driftbusters, Minot ND – Nov 30-Dec 1 – Holiday Inn – Vintage Display
    2. 2019 State Ride – Langdon ND Moonlighters Snowmobile Club – live band
    3. 2019 State Convention – Bottineau ND – Peace Garden Trail Association – December 6th and 7th
    4. Red River South (Grand Forks) did not sign their 43 mile section nor have they signed it yet. They did file a trail change form the reason being lack of volunteers but they did not file the form until January 11, 2018. After discussion, Shawn made a motion to put them on probation for 2 years until 2020, seconded by Jeff, approved by all present the motion carried.
    5. Northwood Group interested in adding trail – Todd discussed he would have them work with one of our established trails associations instead of trying to form a new trail association. They would have to wait until April 2019 for the next biennium to be their own association.
    6. Dale wanted to discuss reimbursement of directors on the board. He wanted to discuss going back to the old way of paying mileage and hotel rooms. It was discussed and it just isn’t in the budget to increase reimbursement for everyone unless that money comes out of the budget somewhere else. Many noted they are not on the board for the money they are paid for doing it. For now it was agreed to keep the stipend for the meetings.


  1. Adjournment
    1. Shawn made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Dale, approved by all members present – meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.
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