Divas SnowGear – Club/Association Giveback Program

Divas SnowGear – Club/Association Giveback Program

We ride many miles every year and know we could not do it without the support of the local clubs like yours. This will be the first year of our program and we would like to build this up and continue the support year after year.

Here is how the giveback program works:

For every new Facebook “like” (fan) that we get we will donate $.10 to your club! Once the person likes the Divas Facebook page, they need to post on our wall which club they are affiliated with and we will tally up accordingly and send a check once per month. For every 100 new likes from your club, we will donate an additional $10. If you reach 250 new likes on our page we will donate an additional $25, 500 new likes gets an additional donation of $50, and 1000 gets an additional $100 donation!

An example post to your club Facebook page we feel will work best to get the most feedback is: Attention Club Members. We need your help; Divas SnowGear is giving our club money for each new Facebook “like” (fan) that they receive on their fan page @Divas SnowGear. You can help by going to their page @ www.facebook.com/divassnowgear1 and clicking the LIKE button. Once you are done, post the name of our club on their wall and we will receive a donation for your support! (Please insert the @ symbol before Divas SnowGear to provide a direct link to our Facebook page for your members to find us easily. Also, remember to post frequently to keep the donations coming!) Another way to get participation from your club members would be to email the message to all members or announce at your next meeting. If you have a laptop or iPad at the meeting, any members in attendance could sign on to their Facebook and complete this.

In addition to the Facebook program, we will send one product donation to each club that participates that you can raffle for additional club funds. The product donation will be a Bling Coffee Mug, a pair of gloves, one hat or beanie, decals, and one shirt from Divas SnowGear’s product lineup.

We realize that clubs can use every extra cent possible to keep things going. This might get your club enough money for an extra tank of gas for the groomer, or who knows, maybe a new groomer ;).

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to giving back to your club!

Divas SnowGear
Please direct all questions and comments to Travis at info@divassnowgear.com

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