December 5, 2015 Annual Meeting

Snowmobile North Dakota

Annual Meeting

December 5, 2015


The Snowmobile North Dakota Annual Meeting was held at the Ramada Inn in Bismarck, North Dakota.


Board Members Present: Laura Forbes/President, Sheri Hoffman/Vice President, Marty Malachowski/ Director at Large, Dale Deibert, Chase Heck for Reily Bata, Joanne Seifert, Jeff Seifert, Todd Rasmusson, Jesse Fritz, Mark Forbes, Perry Brintnell, Shawn Cole


Others Present: Todd Thronson – SND Executive Director; Tari Norby – SND Office Manager; Erik Dietrich, Matthew Gardner, Bill Demming, Char Binstock, Matt Kornack, Ben Potts, Mike Duerre–NDPRD


  1. Call to order at 8:36AM by President Laura Forbes
    1. 35 delegates present
  2. Approve Agenda
    1. Laura Forbes added an item to Presentations, letter C. Rider X updates
    2. Dave Vaught made a motion to approve the amended agenda, seconded by Kevin Kouba, the motion carried
  • Approve Minutes
    1. The minutes of the November 1, 2014 meeting were available to all present at the meeting.
    2. Troy Klevgard made a motion to accept the minutes as written, seconded by John Kelly, the motion carried
  1. Reports
    1. NDPRD Report
      1. Legislative Updates were reviewed by Matt Gardner
        1. Gas tax increase from 30 gallons per registered sled to 40 gallons
        2. Price of registrations increased to $50 – State Snowmobile Fund gets $45, DOT gets $5 – registrations are tracking lower than last year
        3. Youth riders now can be 10 years old if supervised by a parent or guardian and have taken and passed the safety course
        4. Youth in bars along the trail system are allowed based on population. With a town of 5000 the youth can be in the bar until 9PM if the bar has a working grill to serve food, not just a pizza oven
        5. DOT will retain the registration of sleds, NDPRD will not take this over this year
      2. Snowmobile Registrations are down and lack of snow is definitely a factor and possibly the increase in registration fees as well
  • Erik Dietrich reported on safety classes scheduled so far and that if anyone wants enforcement or the simulator at their events to just let NDPRD know well in advance
  1. The out of state trail permits increased from $15 to $25
  1. SND Reports
    1. Todd Thronson reviewed the Financial Reports briefly, there were no questions from the floor on the reports
    2. Club Officer Form is due in the SND office by December 15, 2015
  • Sled ‘N Snap – a Canadian online photo contest
    1. ND is the first and only state that gets to participate in the program
    2. Sleds must be registered before uploading any photos
    3. 5 different categories to submit different photos
    4. For more info please visit
  1. Sno-Dak News Club Special – any club can place a business card sized ad in the Sno-Dak News for only $100
  2. Take a Friend Snowmobiling Contest: International Snowmobiling Manufacturers Association (ISMA) started this program a few years ago to encourage new riders
    1. They award $5000 for financial assistance to snowmobile clubs that host an event encouraging taking a friend snowmobiling between January 1-March 31.
  3. Presentations
    1. Sports Specialties
      1. Patty Connole representing the new Yamaha dealership in Minot presented briefly about services they offer
    2. American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA)
      1. Bob King reported on ACSA and what they do for snowmobilers in the United States
        1. Law suits filed with parks and other areas trying to limit or eliminate snowmobile presence
        2. Fly In in Washington DC in April to meet with senators and representatives
      2. Rider X Snow Trails App
        1. Ron Potter reported on updates to the snow trails app for smart phones
        2. This is a downloadable app to show where to legally ride in all states and Canada for snowmobile and ATV Trails
  • More information at his booth in the vendor show area
  1. Old Business
    1. Amazon Smile
      1. Amazon Smile gives 1-2% of sales to nonprofits and SND is signed up to receive proceeds. More info on this program is on SND’s website
  • New Business
    1. Regional Trail Meetings dates – Todd Thronson will be scheduling regional meetings once he gets the groomer trackers mechanisms all up and running
    2. SND Raffle Tickets – Laura Forbes reported tickets are now available for sale and can be picked up from Tari – they’re $20 for a chance at 20 guns
    3. 2017 Legislative Updates
      1. NDPRD is still interested in going for the sled registrations piece if SND members are in agreement
      2. The bill passed in the Senate but died in the House due to one representative
    4. Groomer Tracking / Software and Mapping Program
      1. There are still some bugs to work out due to the conversion to Windows 10
      2. Once all units are up and running, Todd Thronson will install on each groomer
  • The units show online tracking of exactly what areas have been groomed in real time with a 24 hour delay to allow trails to set up before being ridden on
  • Announcement
    1. 2016 State Ride is in Marion ND on February 6, 2016 hosted by the Sheyenne Valley Trail Association
    2. 2016 State Convention – no bids received to date to host, any club/association is eligible and the SND and NDPRD staff will assist
    3. 2017 State Ride is in Rugby ND on February 4, 2017 hosted by the Northern Lights snowmobile club
    4. 2017 State Convention – no bids received to date to host
  1. Adjournment
    1. Tom Clemens made a motion to adjourn, seconded by John Kelly the motion carried
    2. Meeting adjourned at 9:51AM.


Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Seifert / SND Secretary


Election of Officers

The Board had no nominations for President. Troy Klevgard was nominated by the floor. Marty Malachowski made a motion to cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballet for Troy Klevgard, seconded by Dean Forbes, motion carried. Troy Klevgard is the new SND President.


The Board of Directors nominated Sheri Hoffman for Vice President, no names came from the floor. Mark Forbes made a motion to cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Sheri Hoffman, seconded by Dennis Gravseth, the motion carried. Sheri Hoffmann remains the SND Vice President.


The Board of Directors nominated Joanne Seifert for Secretary, no names came from the floor. Tom Clemons made a motion to cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for Joanne Seifert, seconded by Corey Wanner, the motion carried. Joanne Seifert remains the SND Secretary.


Laura Forbes will become the Past President and there will no longer be a Director At Large position on the Board of Directors.


Regional Directors


Region 1: Dale Diebert was elected to a two year term. Mark Forbes has one more term with election in 2016.


Region 2: Jesse Fritz was elected to a two year term.  Tyler Dosch will fill the one year term vacancy left by Nick Parslow resigning from the Board.


Region 3: Perry Brintnell was elected to a two year term. Reily Bata has one more term with election in 2016.


Region 4: Joel Iverson was elected to a two year term. Shawn Cole has one more term with election in 2016.


Region 5: Jeff Seifert was elected to a two year term. Brent Haugen will fill the one year term vacancy left by Kristi Thone resigning from the Board.

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