December 3, 2016 Annual Meeting

Snowmobile North Dakota

Annual Meeting

December 3, 2016


The Snowmobile North Dakota Annual meeting was held on December 3, 2016 at the Cobblestone Inn in Bottineau ND. There were 28 delegates present.


Board Members Present: Dale Deibert, Joanne Seifert, Jeff Seifert, Joel Iverson, Jesse Fritz, Perry Britnell, Shawn Cole, Brent Haugen, Mark Forbes, Laura Forbes, Troy Klevgard


Excused Absent:   Sheri Hoffmann


Unexcused Absent: Reily Bata


Others Present: Todd Thronson – Executive Director, Tari Norby – Office Manager, Matt Gardner & Erik Dietrich – NDPRD


  1. Call to order at 8:33 AM by Troy Klevgard
  2. Approve Agenda – Charles Robertson made a motion to accept the updated agenda, seconded by Kevin Kubat, approved by all members present
  • Approve Minutes
    1. The minutes of the 2015 meeting were distributed to all members present at the meeting.
    2. Greg Schell made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Charles Robertson, approved by all members present
  1. NDPRD Report
    1. 2017 Legislative updates
      1. Registration transfer did not gain traction and will not pursue – NDPRD will meet with legislators again to see if it pays to pursue further
      2. OHV OOS permit to keep consistency with snowmobiles
  • Doug Burgum transition team met with NDPRD = they were interested in rec and tech, especially the groomer tracking software
  1. Snowmobile Registrations – registration numbers are down but revenue is steady due to increased cost of registration and increased gas tax – hopefully registrations will increase now that we’ve had snow
  2. Safety / Enforcement – officers have been called to the DAPL protests so Safety Classes have been delayed – NDPRD has hired two outdoor rec specialists to do classes based in Minot – talk to Eric or Tari to schedule classes
  1. SND Reports
    1. The financial reports were distributed to all members present at the meeting – Dave Faught made a motion to accept the financial reports as written, seconded by Tom Clemmons, approved by all members present
    2. Club Officer Form due in the office by December 15th
    3. Memberships are coming in steadily, keep them coming
    4. Of the Year applications are due April 1st, 2017
  2. Presentations
    1. Paula Berg / Bottineau Family Club – welcomed everyone to convention and provided convention updates
  • Old Business
    1. Amazon Smile
      1. 0.5% of sales goes back to SND general account mostly into the marketing account
  • New Business
    1. Regional Trail Meeting Dates = as snow progresses will schedule meetings to coincide with trail inspections – these will be 1 to 2 hour meetings by region, not club
    2. Groomer Tracking Software & Mapping Program Update – Todd has been running the software in his pickup for testing since the groomers are not running now. Once the snow base builds up and the groomers can run Todd will meet with trail coordinators to run this
    3. CERT training – emergency rescue on sleds – if clubs are interested, get in contact with Todd and Tari and they’ll get you in contact with correct FEMA person
    4. Snowbikes on snowmobile trails
      1. Class I OHV ski and track vehicles allowed on snowmobile trails from opening to closing of snowmobile season. They will pay a fee, get a permit and be able to use the trail. The will create interest and expand the user base. Plan to enact for next season
      2. Century code says you cannot register a vehicle as two things so it’s either a snowmobile or an OHV but not both. Annual fee likely. All money to go back to snowmobile funding.
  • Motion made by Dennis Gravseth to pursue snowbikes permits as discussed, seconded by Pat Miller, approved by all present the motion carried.
  1. Announcements
    1. 2017 State Ride – Northern Lights Trailblazers February 4, 2017 in Rugby ND
    2. 2017 SND Convention – no bids as of yet
    3. 2018 State Ride and 2018 State Convention – no bids as of yet – Walhalla may want the State Ride
  2. Adjournment
    1. Tom Clemmons made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Dean Forbes, approved by all members present – meeting adjourned at 9:03AM.
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