December 16, 2017 Annual Meeting

Snowmobile North Dakota

Annual Meeting

December 16, 2017


The Snowmobile North Dakota Annual meeting was held on December 16, 2017 at the Ramada in Bismarck ND. There were 28 delegates present.


Board Members Present: Dale Deibert, Joanne Seifert, Jeff Seifert, Joel Iverson, Jesse Fritz, Perry Britnell, Shawn Cole, Brent Haugen, John Lange Proxy for Quince Hambek, Reily Bata, Laura Forbes, Troy Klevgard, Paula Berg, Sherman Pladsen


Others Present: Todd Thronson – Executive Director, Tari Norby – Office Manager, Matt Gardner – NDPRD


  1. Call to order at 9:10 AM by Troy Klevgard
  2. Approve Agenda – Dan Tveito made a motion to accept the agenda, seconded by Marlin Schieile, approved by all members present
  • Approve Minutes
    1. The minutes of the 2016 meeting were distributed to all members present at the meeting.
    2. Marline Schieile made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by John Kelly, approved by all members present
  1. NDPRD Report – Matt thanked all the volunteers and introduced Melissa Baker the new director
    1. 2017 Legislative updates
      1. Track Dirt Bike Permit $25/year – electronic version or printout are both valid, not a sticker, you don’t have to wait for it to ride, you can call the office to mail it to you if needed
      2. OHV permit to keep consistency with snowmobiles – no reciprocity, need both permits if plan to ride dirt bike as bike and also as tracked snow vehicle, have sold 62 since July
    2. Snowmobile Registrations – registration numbers are down but revenue is steady due to increased cost of registration and increased gas tax – hopefully registrations will increase now that we’ve had snow
      1. 40,000 OHVs registered
      2. 12,000 snowmobiles registered
  • 60% ag / industrial and 40% recreational
  1. Safety / Enforcement
    1. trespass with the snow bikes is a concern as it’s easier than with snowmobiles
    2. contact Ben or Tari to schedule a Safety Class
  • Classes already scheduled for Minot, Carpio, the State Ride and Lake Metigoshe
  1. SND Reports
    1. The financial reports were distributed to all members present at the meeting = Sherman Pladson made a motion to accept the financial reports as written, seconded by John Kelly, approved by all members present
    2. Club Officer Form due in the office as soon as possible
    3. Memberships are coming in steadily, keep them coming, we’re about average so far
    4. Of the Year applications are due April 1st, 2018 – there were no applications for 2017
  2. Old Business
    1. Amazon Smile
      1. 0.5% of sales goes back to SND general account mostly into the marketing account – this totaled $162 last year
    2. NDPRD Administer Registration of Snowmobiles – back on the table, $5 of each goes to DOT now, would go to NDPRD if took over task
  • New Business
    1. Regional Trail Meeting Dates = as snow progresses will schedule meetings to coincide with trail inspections – these will be 1 to 2 hour meetings by region, not club
    2. Groomer Tracking Software & Mapping Program Update – changed the background for maps to Google Earth / Google Maps – uses actual points groomer puts out when grooming – editable time cards right on this page, calculates hours, justify with time cares and operator hours
    3. CERT training – emergency rescue on sleds – if clubs are interested, get in contact with Todd and Tari and they’ll get you in contact with correct FEMA person
  • Announcements
    1. 2018 State Ride – Edinburg ND – February 9-10, 2018 – Tri County Trail Riders
    2. 2018 SND Convention – Magic City Driftbusters, Minot ND – Nov 30-Dec 1 – Holiday Inn
    3. 2019 State Ride – Langdon ND
    4. 2019 State Convention – Bottineau ND
  1. Adjournment
    1. Dean Forbes made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Marlin Schieile, approved by all members present – meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM.



Election of Officers



Troy Klevgard – Nominated by Shawn Cole, seconded by Reily Bata


Vice President:

Laura Forbes – Nominated by Dennis Gravseth, seconded by Dale Deibert



Joanne Seifert – Nominated by the chair and closed


Director at Large:

Sherman Pladson – Nominated by the chair and closed



Election of Directors


Region 1: Dale Deibert


Region 2: Randy Knain


Region 3: Perry Brintnell


Region 4: Joel Iverson


Region 5: Jeff Seifert

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