December 1, 2012

Snowmobile North Dakota
Annual Meeting
December 1, 2012

Prior to the annual meeting, a vote was held regarding the proposed partnership with Foremost insurance.  The following members were in attendance:  Marty Malachowski, Sheri Hoffmann, Dale Deibert, Dean Forbes, Mark Shipley, Byron Norsby, Brian Sauer, Dan Tveito, Brad Rodin, Troy Klevgard and Kristie Thone-Proxy for Greg Strommen.
Absent:  Laura Forbes, Tonia Dosch, Perry Brintnell and Greg Strommen – Excused
Byron made a motion to partner with Foremost Insurance, Troy seconded the motion, motion carried.

Present Board Members:  Marty Malachowski – President, Laura Forbes – Vice-President, Sheri Hoffmann – Secretary, Byron Norsby – Director-At-Large, Troy Klevgard, Dean Forbes, Dale Deibert, Perry Brintnell, Tonia Dosch, Mark Shipley, Dan Tveito, Brad Rodin and Kristie Thone-Proxy for Greg Strommen.

Absent: Greg Strommen – Excused.

Others Present: Erik Dietrich, Arik Spencer, Matt Gardner– NDPRD, Keri Wanner – Program Manager, Tari Norby – Administrative Assistant, Todd Thronson – Trail Inspector, Chelsey Thronson – Marketing Specialist – SND.

  1.  Call to order President Marty Malachowski – 9:07am
    1. 27 delegates present
  2. Troy made motion, Diane Helseth second to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.
  3. Byron made motion, Greg Schell second to approve the minutes from October 29, 2011.  Motion carried.
  4. Reports
    1. NDPRD-Arik Spencer
      1. ND Trails Conference-1st annual trails conference held this past summer at Fort Lincoln State Park.  It was discussed how to keep recreational trails open in ND.  The second annual Trails Conference is scheduled for June 18, 2013 at the Ramkota in Bismarck, ND.
      2. SCORP-Survey determining trail needs across the state.  The numbers indicate people think trails and outdoor recreation is important and are willing to travel to good trails.
      3. Strategic Plan 2013-2017-SND’s plan is complete and will be used to guide the program over the next four years.
      4. RTP funding-The governor can now opt out of funding the RTP program. Governor Dalrymple opted in this year.  This program is where the majority of our equipment funding comes from.
    2.  SND
      1. Financials-Kevin Kubat made motion, Mark Forbes second to approve financials, motion carried.
      2. Membership module-a power point demonstration was given showing how to use the module.  One person from each club can work with Tari to setup login information.
      3. Map/QR code-Todd gave a demonstration on how the QR codes work with Google Earth on a smart phone.  QR codes are available on the trail guides linking each trail system to SND’s website.
      4. USCC (USXC)-SND has formed a partnership with Bunke Racing in place of USXC (formerly known as USCC).  We are trading sponsorship and promotion with them in hopes of developing more partnerships in the future.
      5. Tourism Partner Access Website-SND has access to ND Tourism’s Partner Access page for publishing event and news release information to the media.  SND will help the clubs with this if they provide information to the office.
      6. ISC Charity Survey-ISC collects reports on charity efforts and volunteer hours worked by snowmobile clubs.  ND is #8 out of the 50 jurisdictions reported.  Included in the packets was the form to track this information. Please complete it and send it to SND by April 1st.
      7. Promotional Bags-If your club wants promo bags for an event, they are available through the SND office.  Please give Tari two weeks’ notice.  About 1000 bags have been distributed this year already.
      8. Club Officer Form-due December 15th-please have this in to the SND office by then to ensure club information is correct in the Sno-Dak News.
      9. Trail Association Funding
        1. Budgets-Although registrations were down due to lack of snow, NDPRD has allowed trail association budgets to remain unchanged since little money was spent grooming last year.
        2. Forms-all trail reimbursement forms have been redesigned.  Please use these new forms.
    3.  Equipment Committee
      1. Field Test Recap-The groomer field test was completed in March per procurement standards.  All 3 manufacturers were present as well as 4 drags.  Testers/groomers put the machines through a number of conditions and rated them accordingly.  Tucker did end up with the highest scores although all 3 had pluses and minuses.  Other state associations have requested the findings.
      2. Trail Grubbing Equipment Locations – Bismarck, Ft. Ransom State Park and Walhalla.
      3. RTP Grants-the 2010 grant has been finalized.  The 2011 grant will be completed by 12/31/12.  The 2012 grant has been approved and starts in January.  We have also received a grant to assist with securing land leases.
      4. Trail Signing Update-It has been decided to use the snow poles as a trial for one more season.  The US Forest Service and IASA are adopting new sign guidelines for 2013.  SND will continue to monitor this and adjust our signing guidelines accordingly.
    4.  Promotions Committee
      1. Project Ride-this program offers incentives for clubs to recruit and retain members.  A communicator set, a helmet camera, and a gear bag have been donated for prizes.  The program ends April 1, 2013.
      2. Membership Rewards Program-this program is also to encourage club membership.  The prize is a $500 grant from SND.  The SND raffle was also brought up at this time.  SND is selling 1000 $20 tickets, giving away $10,000 in cash and using $10,000 for various projects.  Tari has tickets this weekend for clubs to sell.
      3. Poster contest-Keep ND Clean poster contest for grades 6-8.  They are to design a poster with a snowmobiling theme and Pack It In, Pack It Out.  Last year had only 3 participants.  It was decided to run one more year.  If very few youth participate in the program, this program will be discontinued.
      4. Awards-please keep in mind these awards are given even in poor snow years.  Committee is looking for nominations in all categories.  Deadline is April 1st.
  5.  Old Business-none
  6. New Business
    1. Foremost Insurance-Deb Peters-DeVerney-a partnership was proposed by Foremost and approved by the board in which SND would promote Foremost to its members and Foremost will give SND promotional consideration as well as a percentage of insurance sold.
    2. American Income Life-about one time each year, a member of SND uses the $3000 benefit offered for accidental death and dismemberment.  In order to offer this, SND has to do one mailing per year.  If you do not want a visit from a salesperson, do not fill out the card!
    3. SND celebrates 40th anniversary in 2014-possibly redesign the logo for the 40th was discussed.
    4. Questions & Answer Time-Troy suggested a central location for forms on SND’s website.
  7.  Reminders
    1. Guideline handbook Review
    2. Reminders Document-it was announced there were no reminders so this document wasn’t included as predicted!
  8.  Announcements
    1. Breakout Sessions
    2. 4th Annual Pink Ribbon Riders ND Snow Run Event January 11-12, 2013 in Bottineau
    3. 2013 State Ride-Red River South Trail Association-February 16 in Fordville, ND
    4. 2013 State Convention-undecided
    5. 2014 State Ride & Convention
      1. LRSC interested in 2014 convention in Devils Lake
      2. Northeast hosting 2014 State Ride out of Edinburg the 2nd weekend in February
  9.  Adjournment
    1. Rick Bruggeman made motion, Tom Clemens second


Respectfully submitted,

Sheri Hoffmann


Election of officers:

Committee nominated Laura Forbes for President, Byron nominated Marty, Sheila second.  Sheri made motion nominations cease, Rick Bruggeman second.  Votes were cast in favor of Laura.

Committee nominated Sheri Hoffmann for Vice-President.  Brad made motion nominations cease and cast unanimous ballot, Marty Schneibel second, motion carried.

Committee had no nominations for secretary.  Position will be filled by Tari Norby.

Marty Malachowski accepted the past presidents’ position on the board.

Regional Directors
Region 1:  Byron Norsby was elected to a two year term in place of Dean Forbes.  Dale Deibert has one more term with election in 2013.

Region 2:  Mark Shipley was elected to a two year term.  Tonia Dosch has one more term with election in 2013.

Region 3:  Brian Sauer was elected to a two year term.  Perry Brintnell has one more term with election in 2013.

Region 4:  Dan Tveito was elected to a two year term.  Brad Rodin has one more term with election in 2013.

Region 5:  Kristie Thone was elected to a two year term in place of Greg Strommen.  Troy Klevgard has one more term with election in 2013.

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