2015 Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign

Haslett, MI, JANUARY 16, 2015: The Snowmobile Manufacturers through ISMA are excited to partner with the organized snowmobiling community and the many snowmobile associations and clubs who support snowmobiling throughout North America. The unique partnership between the snowmobile manufacturers and the snowmobile community is now over 40 years old and has grown since the inception of the Go Snowmobiling promotion 6 years ago.


 The Campaign is designed to encourage the associations to work with their local snowmobile clubs, Visitors and Convention Bureaus, and other interested parties in developing and holding snowmobile demonstration rides this winter.


The snowmobile riding events may be held any time between January 1 – March 31, 2015.


The contest encourages the development and expansion of relationships that clubs and associations have with Visitors and Convention Bureaus, the media, and the related snowmobile businesses: dealers, restaurants, gas stations, banks, resorts, etc..


Research shows us that many individuals who do not presently snowmobile are very interested in “giving it a try.” Over 80% of all citizens look very favorably toward a fun snowmobiling winter experience. Our research firm, interviewing thousands of non-snowmobilers across North America, discovered that when asked, non-snowmobilers will rate their interest in going snowmobiling on a scale of 1 – 10 as high as a “9” rating. Those of us who have participated in taking friends snowmobiling know there are “miles of smiles” from those that we invite to join us and a good time is had by all. Very often our snowmobiling family expands as new riders purchase their first new or used snowmobiles as a result of our invitation to try snowmobiling for their own family fun in the winter.


We encourage all clubs and associations to participate in this fun and profitable contest. We encourage snowmobilers to welcome non-snowmobilers to enjoy snowmobiling and the great scenery, friendship, and fun that we all enjoy during the winter months.

All snowmobile clubs are encouraged to participate in the Take a Friend Snowmobile events and support their state or provincial snowmobile association in helping make their organizations grow and prosper. An Action Manual containing some great ideas on holding a ride event can be found on the Go Snowmobiling website. All participants are welcome and encouraged to post photos of their events on our Facebook page  along with some brief written points telling us some details about the ride. Our Facebook page is now close to 7000 likes and is growing rapidly. Come join us!

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