Snowmobile North Dakota Grant Program



To be eligible for the Snowmobile North Dakota Grant Program, the applicant must be a member club of the organization meeting the club requirements.

Grant Fund Usages

The following items are examples of what the grant funds can be used for, however, the member club is not limited to these suggestions. Please note the grant program cannot be used to purchase trail signs, trail insurance, or for grooming expenditures.

A. Warming House
B. Trail Safety & Improvement
C. Public Awareness of Trail System (Trail Head Signs)
D. Enhance Community or Charity Project
1. Purchase advertising for a charity event
2. Purchase equipment used at a fundraiser

Grant Amount

The grant amount is to be determined by the Snowmobile North Dakota Board of Directors considering the following criteria.

A. SND will award up to 3 projects per year
B. The amount is to be based on fund availability
C. The maximum amount will cover 70{64ba88878b2e04e9a3727ef51f224f8a7f7bff4e6ee9e04d7a87a7b2faab02f6} of the total projet cost

Grant Dispersal

The following criteria must be followed in order to be considered for a grant.

A. Postmark entries 1 week in advance of the state convention. Deadline: November 25, 2016
B. Recipients must return all grant expenditures prior to payment.  Copies of the expenses are due by June 1st each year.
C. Grants are to be disbursed at the SND State Convention.

Send Grant Requests to:
1600 East Century Avenue, Suite 3

Since 2006, Snowmobile North Dakota has held a silent auction at the annual convention.  The funds from the silent auction are split between the Grant & Aid and Scholarship Funds.  The silent auction table has donated over $6,800 into the scholarship fund since 20006.

A special thanks to the businesses that have helped support the silent auction table:
Arctic Cat, Bret Rasmussen – , Cycle Hutt, HMK, Klim Technical Riding Gear, ND Parks and Recreation, Polaris, Ski-Doo, True Adventure Gear, Twin Oaks Resort, Yamaha, Yellowstone Vacations, and *Many, Many local snowmobile clubs